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About Us

A Few People...A Lot of Help


My name is Josh Watson and I'm the facilitator here at Solutions Supplied. We are made up of a small group of professionals assisted by countless other resources and contacts I have collected over the years. We work closely with Technology Enterprises in the area of continuing education.

A few years ago I realized that regardless of the "title" I held
(project manager, planning manager, implementation specialist and MRO
planner to name a few) the success I achieved, regardless of
situation, was due to organization and a solid network. As a Six Sigma
Black Belt Professional (SSBBP) and a member of SMRP, I am constantly
expanding my knowledge and contact base to better serve my customers
in all areas of business.

A key element to a successful team is identifying and working to strengths. Our team centers around you. Once we have a clear idea of where we need to go we'll divvy out responsibility and action. I've compiled a database of hundreds of companies and individuals that I have worked with in the past in all areas of business.

My goal is to go into any situation with the knowledge that we can move forward, regardless of time constraints.  

My personal work history has seen me dealing with government contracts as well as writing OSHA compliant safety procedures for a 150 million dollar plant expansion and everything in between. When needs run outside my realm of experience I pull help from the resources I have come to rely on through the years. If you need something done, found, scheduled or completed, we have the contacts and experience to get it done.

We can accomplish more together than we ever could alone. Many say it; we live it. Take a look at services for specifics. If you don't see what you need, just ask. We exist to see YOU succeed.

Hi, I'm Mishaela. If you'd like to put a face with a name, here you go. I'm the one who will be handling all the fun stuff answering the phone, creating content, managing the websites, picking up lunch...and I'm the reason the fonts on this website might change once  a week. Bear with me..when it's just right, I'll leave it alone. 

On a more serious note, while I'm really just a glorified secretary most of the time, I do have quite a bit of experience when it comes to marketing concepts, developing a plan of action, 'thinking like a customer' and generally keeping everything in perspective on a daily basis.

After a 2 year stint personally managing every aspect of my store-front business as well as being the only employee...I realized that the skills I'd developed out of necessity were actually valuable outside of that particular scenario. Hence, my expertise here lies in the areas of anything related to word processing, budgeting, CRM management and customer service. If you're calling us, I'm the one you're speaking to 90% of the time. If you have an issue with an invoice downloading properly, I'm troubleshooting. Re-writing a simple resume and need help? That's my arena. 

I'm here to be the support. The glue. The reason the rest of you can be amazing...because someone has to arrange lunch or you'll all die of starvation...and we can't have that. That's why I'm here. From transcription to taking pictures for SOP development to contacting your local sandwich shop and calling in that double-decker roast-beef sub...we're about you.

It's all about who you know, not what you have, right? Exactly. We know people. If we don't know them yet, we'll find them before you need them. 


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The security of our clients' information is a top priority for us. Any advice, transactions or services we provide are completely confidential. 


Compensation varies according to situation. In an emergency, minutes count. If we are needed on site a "per diem" fee and a hotel are all that are required up front. In the areas of consulting and project management a flat fee will be provided based on scope and time required. In the areas of personal and professional procurement, a percentage will apply based on total amount.